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Tumble Dryers

tumble dryers electrolux

Exceptionally high performance combined
with cost efficiency


Obtain great results and improve your laundry’s efficiency by minimising running cost with Electrolux tumble dryers.

Ergonomic design and specific incorporated features, Excellence inside, ensure that Electrolux dryers are simple and safe to use.

With Electrolux Professional tumble dryers you will benefit from;

  • Complete control over the drying process thanks to advanced microprocessor technology.
  • Best performance, high productivity: up to 30% faster and 20% more energy efficient
  • Low maintenance costs, fast servicing: self-cleaning lint screen, easy access to vital parts
  • Extra flexible and efficient process by Reversing Drum Action and Drum Speed Control: fast and high quality drying
  • Energy and time savings: Autostop for when load is fully dry, plus Residual Moisture Control, the ultimate moisture sensing technology


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